cher and cher alike

At lunch, Cher's "If I Could Turn Back Time" was playing at Geraldi's.

Colin reminisced about the video, which I hadn't seen. Apparently in it, Cher, wearing some ridiculous plastic v-shaped thong, prances around on a battleship. Oh, like I expected a Cher video to make sense or have any decorum whatsoever.

I asked Colin if there were any sailors on the ship at the time they shot the video. He replied that, yes, there were many young studly sailors in the video.

I told him I thought the video would have been much better if it had been populated by throngs of necessarily old WWII vets. Cher would prance and prowl among them, writhing wistfully in front of their long-past-responsive bodies, wishing for all the world that she could, in fact, turn back time.

It just seemed a much better interpretation of the song's lyrics than the obvious one. Which is, of course, yet another endorsement of plastic surgery.

You'd be surprised how many of Cher's songs revolve around that topic.

As a side note, I have now seen the video, courtesy of the above link. In trying to find out more about this video, I discovered it was number forty-nine on VH1's list of the top one hundred videos. This frightens me.

There doesn't seem to be anything terribly inventive about this video. True, I can't name any other ones that have women in their forties wearing v-shaped thongs, much less on a battleship.

And what's up with that battleship? Did they pick it for the obvious phallic imagery of Cher straddling a large cannon? Or was it easy to convince several hundred sailors to act like complete idiots around a woman? At ease, boys! Have some saltpeter!

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