These new-fangled Web things these days!

I think it's high time somebody around here started complaining! No one ever complains on the Internet — it's all sunshine and flowers with you kids!

Here's something that really chaps my hide: those stupid Snap Shots™ from You know the ones — on some sites, you roll your cursor over a link and this tiny window pops up that shows you a small version of the site that the link would take you to.

Here's how describes Snap Shots™:

Welcome to the next generation of everything. Snap Shots™ intelligently brings users the right content, at the right place, at the right time, in a convenient shot. ... For website users, it's an enhanced way to surf because links are no longer blind, but a source of information. For website owners, it's a more engaging way to write and edit by using links as illustrations rather than as diversions.

Horsefeathers! Here's how links work: somebody on one Web page wants to refer to a different page somewhere out there and if you click on the relevant words or picture, you go to that page. If you're unsure on whether you want to follow the link, you can look in the status bar at the bottom to see the Web address it would take you to. (And, if the Web page creator was nice enough, there may be a descriptive tooltip that appears when you hover your cursor over the link.)

Here's how links don't work: you go to hover over or click on a link, and a box pops up that you weren't expecting, and, after it finally loads its picture, confirms that the site you were going to does, in fact, have lots of text on it. Which you can't read, because it's too small, but yes, there's text on that page. Were you hoping to go to a page with text on it?

Look, it's not just me. Lots of people hate them. I mean lots, lots, lots, lots, lots of people. Even Latvians!

Now that you've seen all the piles of evidence I've compiled, I'm sure you'll stop using Snap Shots™, or tell your friend who uses them that "they're no longer cool anymore, bro." Thanks.

Also, it appears I have vast amounts of time for angry consensus-gathering revenge Googling. To coin a phrase. Moving on!

YouTube! All the kids today are using it! But sometimes it annoys me!

For instance, why can't a YouTube video show me how long its play time is before I load it?

This hilarious video you have embedded on your blog, will it take up 30 seconds of my time? Or eight minutes? As it is, I have to click the play button and wait for the movie to start before it'll tell me that. Which is often more time than I want to invest just to answer that question.

I'm also annoyed that, once I've started clicking on a YouTube video in Firefox (and probably other browsers), I lose the ability to Control-tab my way to a different browser tab. Instead, Control-tabbing cycles through the yellow-highlighted YouTube player controls at the bottom of the video. I suppose that's an accessibility feature for someone, but it's annoying for me. It means I have to click somewhere arbitrary to put the focus outside the embedded Flash object. And then I can Control-tab on my merry way.

I'm sure lots of other people share my ire on these YouTube flaws as well, but I used up all my angry Googling in the first part of this entry. Oh well.

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