Poor Halloween

I realize Halloween is big business these days, and probably one of the major holidays of our culture's year. But I still feel it gets short shrift in the after-glow department.

Think about it — the day after Christmas is still Christmasy. In fact, in the Christian liturgical calendar, the season of Christmas begins with Christmas Day and goes on for several weeks. But while the present-mania may fade quickly after Christmas Day, its feelings and trappings hang around for some time.

Same with Thanksgiving. Most people still have the following Friday off — to say nothing of never-ending turkey leftovers — and so the Thanksgiving glow/dyspepsia lingers a bit.

Not so with Halloween. The next day is November, my friend, and that's Thanksgiving territory, so take down your suddenly-gauche cobwebs and tombstones. Yes, the candy can stay, but you find yourself wondering how that severed hand in the candy bowl was ever a good idea. It certainly doesn't belong there in November!

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1 Nov 02 '07 10:41am:

Jarrett replied:

"It's because of our idiot Founding Fathers. On November first, it's time to put away your Vader-in-drag costume, and prepare to cast really poorly considered votes. I think it's in the Constitution someplace. Even the gay-Vader part."

2 Nov 02 '07 11:09am:

tODD replied:

"Jarrett, I bet it's in the Oregon Constitution, at least. If that legislative hodgepodge mentions RVs, I'm sure it mentions Friends of Darthy*.

*This pun was tricky to come up with. I hope you appreciated it."

3 Nov 02 '07 3:13pm:

autumn replied:

"Hey, I am all about basking in the glow of Halloween for as many days before AND after as reasonably possible. Cause, well, this would add to the basking in my birthday that already goes on.


4 Nov 14 '07 5:47am:

Philip replied:

"I don't know the answer to why, but it has been that way as long as I can remember. As a young lad I can remember my mom buying candy on sale the day after Halloween, and I asked her if it was still "kinda Halloween". Much to my chagrin, I found out that indeed it was not."

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